When we assume that body, mind and soul cannot be separated from each other and are all in resonance with each other, then, consequently, we should admit, that we, as a creature, are connected to all other living beings. This statement is not new; it's the basis for all spiritual teachings and even for strictly rational natural science (quantum-physics).


In relation to Quantum Body Work it means that I'm trying to get into contact with as many levels as possible and carefully observe where the resonance is broken and which layers are affected because of it.
Opposite to other practiced "healing methods", Quantum Body Work presumes that I am able and ready to also join this communication process at some degree.


In other words, through the value-free and attentive searching for the "knots and stagnations" I enter, for the duration of the treatment, into a living relation with the person's entity, always respecting its personal borders.